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SEH ® Beverage Enhancer improves beverage qualities with delayed process of its oxidation in air.

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The SEH® Beverage Enhancer includes the Multi-Function Enhancer, Coffee Enhancer, and Tea Enhancer.
It uses the latest biotechnology to enhance the water quality in the beverage and provides an excellent anti-oxidation effect.
In addition to delayed oxidation, it enhances the flavor and quality of the beverage.
The Multi-Function Enhancer is suitable for wine, sake, cider, vinegar, juice, and drinking water.
The Coffee Enhancer can be applied to black coffee, drip coffee, or other types of coffee.
The Tea Enhancer is suitable for black tea, oolong tea, green tea, pu’er tea, or other types of tea.

SEH® Beverage Enhancer

Revolutionary breakthrough in food technology!
Make beverages worth more than the cost!

SEH  Beverage Enhancer enhances beverages such as red wine, sake, cider, 
fruit vinegar, Balsamic vinegar, other types of vinegar, coffee, tea, juice, and water.

Just add 2 drops of the magical enhancers into 100ml beverage and receive the miraculous results!
15 drops of the Multi-function enhancer will transform a 750cc budget red wine into a bottle of top quality luxury wine!
At the cost of US$ 0.15, you are able to upgrade an inexpensive cup of coffee or tea into a healthier and premium beverage! 

SEH® Beverage Enhancer is certified by SGS Lab tests 

 Drop SEH® Beverage Enhancer into coffee and tea and enjoy the
 flavor without bitterness even no sugar added.


Dropping SEH® Coffee and Tea Enhancer into coffee and tea will enhance these drinks’flavor and quality.
Further, the drinks taste smooth even without adding sugar. The two Enhancers enable you to freely embrace
coffee and tea of high quality. Although drinking coffee or tea in your leisure time with a friend is truly a relaxing
pastime, this recreation can actual be a potential risk to your health.
A free-flowing conversation with friends over a cup of coffee or tea always lasts for a long while.
The beverage becomes bitterer after oxidation through contact with air.
Paradoxically, after consuming the beverage with those oxides, you might put a burden easily harmful to
health on your body. The Coffee and Tea Enhancer are the products designed to prevent the rapid oxidation of beverages.
They help keep coffee and tea fresh while enhancing drinks’ quality and flavor.
Thus, you can enjoy high quality anti-oxidation beverages while carefreely shooting
the breeze with friends to your heart’s content.    


Adding the SEH® Multi-function Enhancer into red wine, sake, cider, vinegar, juice, or
drinking water will preserve the freshness and enhance the quality of the beverage.
For instance: About 15 drops are enough to improve the quality of a bottle of budget red wine,
sake or cider to a luxury class. One 10ml SEH® Multi-Function Enhancer can be applied to
sixteen bottles of 750ml red wine; this feature is apparently worth more than the cost. 


Adding the SEH® Multi-Function Enhancer to juice also delays the process of oxidation and
creates a healthier drink. The rapid oxidation of vegetables and fruits begins as soon as they
are cut open, not to mention juice whose volume is about one in tens of thousands of volume
of vegetables and fruits. In fact, oxidation already happens when the fruits and vegetables are
chopped in the blender. However, by adding the Enhancer in proportion, you can preserve the
freshness of the juice. Thus, you can carry the juice with this Enhancer with you anywhere you go
without worrying about its loss of freshness or oxides in the drink.

Dropping the SEH® Multi-Function Enhancer into bargain apple vinegar, lemon vinegar,
inexpensive Balsamic vinegar, or other types of vinegar will upgrade the vinegars quality
to top. You can spend less and enjoy beverages with high value.


Instructions of the comparative experiment for first time SEH® Beverage Enhancer users

1. When conducting a comparative experiment with coffee, tea or alcohol, be
sure to prepare two cups of the same beverage: one is the original beverage,
and the other is the beverage with the SEH Beverage Enhancer. Please make
sure you mix well before drinking the enhanced beverage.

2. Taste the beverage with the SEH Beverage Enhancer first, then taste the
original beverage. The enhanced beverage will be smoother and less bitter due
to the delayed oxidation process by the Enhancer. However, if you taste the
original beverage first, the one without the Enhancer, the bitterness caused by
the oxidation process will make the flavors between the two beverages more
difficult to differentiate. After the first taste test, taste again after 5 minutes, then
again after 10 minutes, and so on. The longer the duration, the more
substantial it is between the flavors of the beverages. For instance: An
enhanced cup of tea is still delicious after 30 minutes or an hour.

3. If you are tasting a brand new 750cc bottle of red wine, pour 100cc of the
red wine into a red wine glass immediately after the bottle is opened. Add 13
drops of the Multi-Function Enhancer into the bottle, recork the bottle, and
shake up and down to mix the Enhancer well with the red wine. Then pour the
enhanced wine into another red wine glass for the experiment. Taste the
enhanced wine first and then taste the original red wine. You can differentiate
their flavors and scents.

4. Recommendation by the tasting expert: Don’t swallow the wine immediately
after taking a sip. Let the wine stay in your mouth for a few seconds to feel and
differentiate the flavors, so that you can taste the contrast between their layers
of taste and bitterness level. When you are comparing coffee or wine, try to
smell if there are any differences in the layers of scent between the enhanced
and un-enhanced versions. However, the different scents between the
enhanced and un-enhanced tea is difficult for general people to differentiate, so
the step of smelling two versions of tea can be omitted.

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