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超能盛生物科技(SEH Biotechnology)創立於1999年,自始便堅持董事長郭道明先生的理念「為大眾創造更健康的生活」而努力至今。是目前全世界在生物能量方面的頂尖製造商與研發團隊。為了達成這個遠大目標,我們結合了國內外眾多的頂尖研究機構,如經濟部所屬生物技術開發中心、中央研究院、中山醫學大學、東海大學…等機構進行動物或細胞實驗。十幾年來,我們兢兢業業,不斷的精進技術,致力於研發對人體有益的產品,期望運用生物技術帶給大眾美好的生活。十多年來的辛勤耕耘讓我們擁有了頂尖的生物能量研發團隊與研發技術,終能交出我們的亮眼成績。高品質的產品、客戶的滿意度、及品質管制零瑕疵都是我們公司的行動準則及與永遠的自我要求。
目前我們主要的產品有SEH® 飲品品質提升液、SEH®  997萬盛靈濃縮液、SEH® 萬盛靈酵素精華液、SEH® 抗氧化食品配方、以及SEH® 抗氧化化妝品配方。

Founded in 1999, SEH Biotechnology has been working hard with the philosophy "creating a healthier life for the public” of our president, Guo Daoming. SEH is currently the world's leading manufacturer and R&D team in bioenergy. In order to achieve this goal, we have cooperated with many domestic and overseas top research institutions, such as the Biotechnology Development Center of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Central Research Institute, Zhongshan Medical University, and Donghai University... for animal or cell experiments. For more than ten years, we have been conscientious and constantly improving our technology, and we are committed to developing products that are beneficial to the human body. We hope to use this extraordinary biotechnology to bring good life to the public. With more than ten years of hard work, we have a top-notch bio-energy R&D team and technology. High-quality products, customer satisfaction, and quality control are our company's core values.

Our main products are SEH® Beverage Enhancer, SEH® 997 Concentrated Solution, SEH® Super Energy Enzyme, SEH® Antioxidant Food Formula, and SEH® Antioxidant Cosmetic Formula.
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